Mediagroup Van Dyck Belcar 2005
Belcar New Race Festival

Drivers taking the start:

#7: Goossens / #1: Longin / #2 : Kuismanen / #4: Bouvy / #3: Maes / #6: Palttala


The #31 TT Porsche has a flat tyre in the formation lap as #24, #25, #38, #47, #61 and #62 start from the pitlane. Both KS-Motorsport Silhoutte BMW's saw their times cancelled due to an administrative fault. Steve Van Bellingen was very unhappy with this incident. Finally, the #72 GS BMW M3 GTR of Severich stays in its box with gearbox gremlins.

The start immediately eliminates one of the championship contenders. Fred Bouvy, on the PSI Biturbo makes a fundamental error going through the dirty outside of the 'Channel Corner' and loses the car in the first lefthander. The #6 AD Sport also goes off, so that makes two Biturbo off. The PSI one retires, while Koen Wauters loses a few laps in the AD Porsche.

Meanwhile Goossens fights his way back after a somewhat hesitating start. The battle for the lead, with the backmarkers as referee, between Longin and Goossens is really frightening. Marc finally takes over in the 7th lap. The battle for 3rd and 4th between Kuismanen (#2 Viper) and Maes (#3 Porsche) is also intense. After 30 minutes, both cars are really bumper-to-bumper.

In GTB, Palttala builds up a 30" gap in only 15 minutes. The real battle happens behind the blond Fin, 7 GTB cars race within a handful of seconds. The #29, 31, 21, 42 Porsche, the G&A BMW Z3 and both Ultima give a showcase of what racing is about.

After 35 minutes Maes misses the Jacky Ickx chicane and loses precious time by taking the pitlane-entry. Palttala takes profit out of the Maes error and the leader in GTB is now 4th. At front, Longin laps constantly slower than Kuismanen and the 62-year old Fin is now right on the tail of the GLPK-Viper. In GTB, Kenis goes off and spoils his chances, while the #34 Ultima and the #29 AD 993 T (oil pressure) both struggle with mechanical problems. The #21 Thiers Porsche also seems to struggle. Halfway through, the SRT Corvette leads with almost a lap on both Vipers; this is an incredible stint of the former F3000 driver.

#7 SRT Corvette 37 laps
#2 Kuismanen Viper - 1 lap
#1 GLPK Viper
#3 RS Biturbo
#15 Eurotech Mantis - 2 laps
#31 TT Porsche RS (GTB)
#33 Qvick Ultima (GTB)
#37 First Porsche Cup (GTB) - 3 laps
#46 MRS Vertigo (GTB)

Kuismanen has a disaster-like pitstop and loses 40" on Anthony Kumpen passing by into second again.

The Point #42 Porsche, 3rd in GTB, loses it at the Chicane and comes in heavily damaged; race over. The battle in GTB makes victims again. Another GTB-frontrunner goes off as the MRS Vertigo hits the barriers and is out. PSI-driver Van Sande now leads Penders on the TT Porsche and Geoffroy on the Qvick Ultima. Kumpen shows his talent as he takes 2" to 3" per lap on Hart. Hart answers immediately.

Suddenly, the Audi TT goes off very heavily and the SC comes out. Will a race incident again decide the race as it was last year so often? Penders takes huge profit out of this situation and closes in on Van Sande. The difference under SC is now only 8". 3rd is still Geoffroy on 1 lap. Right after the green sign, Penders goes into the lead of GTB.

Hart goes round in 1.35 and seems to be able to control. With 14 minutes to go, Kumpen suddenly comes in for a stop & go, this could be decisive for the outcome of the race. The GLPK-Viper overtook under yellow.

After 125 minutes, Hart finally takes chequered and this is the first SRT- overall victory ever. Well-done boys.

  1. Selleslagh Racing Team Chevrolet Corvette 74 laps
  2. GLPK Racing Chrysler Viper +1:29.395
  3. Kuismanen Competition Chrysler Viper +1
  4. RS Motors Porsche 996 Biturbo +2
  5. TT Racing Porsche 996 GT +2 (GTB)
  6. PSI Motorsport Porsche GT3-RS +3 (GTB)
  7. Eurotech Racing Marcos Mantis +4
  8. Qvick Motors Ultima GTR +5 (GTB)
  9. First Motorsport Porsche 996 GT +5 (GTB)
  10. KS Motorsport BMW E46 +6 (Touring)

Joost Custers