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Join our worldwide mission to nurture, protect and promote the dignity and process of life in all its' diversity - message from the HIBN team


We, the men, women and children of goodwill living on our planet today, coming from diverse backgrounds and without compromise to our individual deep convictions, religious ideas and philosophical thoughts, hereby pledge our affirmation of the Good News Declaration.

Mankind is increasingly motivated to connect into a world where we would gradually evolve from the socially fit animals that we tend to be into actual human beings capable of solidarity.

Our world today evolves as a venue in rapid transformation HIBN "the good news channel" aims at promoting and upgrading our quality of life in harmony with and indifferent to all species on earth and the global environment.

We want to leave a peaceful, preserved world for our children, where well being and happiness will be a choice for all. Therefore economical misfortune and in particular escalating barriers and segregation within our changing society cannot be an option.

Therefore, we would like to participate in the HIBN Good News project.

The HIBN Good News project will focus on generating conditions likely to advance the positive evolution of mankind towards existing as, independent, responsible and trustworthy humans joined within the safeguard of their natural environment with the adaptation to the integration of technological resources.

The first step to reach our goal is to broadcast GOOD NEWS in order to ease and develop an affirmative action to a positive world that will be real and necessary for the well being of everyone.

HIBN "the good news channel" will provide programming highlighting the positive news from around the world. We will broadcast the latest "good news" in the areas of sports, health, entertainment, education, space odyssey etc. You now have an added value option to stay in touch with the world in an up-lifting compatible environment.

If you agree with the ideas and share the affirmation of the HIBN Good News project, please complete and return the following Good News Declaration. Your participation of support is without any obligation of any kind.


Good News Declaration

  2. GOOD NEWS is NEW.
  3. GOOD NEWS is GOOD for the well being of most everyone.
  4. GOOD NEWS complies with the rights of man, woman and child.
  5. GOOD NEWS preserves the global ecological balance.
  6. GOOD NEWS supports humanity's global affirmative interests.
  7. GOOD NEWS gives a clear vision of positive life enhancing events worldwide.

GOOD NEWS complies with the above first three conditions and preferably all of them.


We only have one EARTH, one PEOPLE and one DESTINY.

If I have a dream, it can remain just a dream
but if many of us share the same dream,
one day it may become real.... with your help.

(Brazilian quotation)



If you agree with the HIBN Good News project, please complete our Good News Declaration Form and return via email Your participation of support is without any obligation of any kind.

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